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Janine McCrum

Janine is passionate about the environment, community arts and anthropology. She grew up with a strong affinity to country, and with a love of science and art. Janine uses textiles, photography, printmaking and installation to record and question the interactions between our cultural environment and ‘nature’.


Janine uses textiles, printmaking and installation to record the changes and marks we make on our cultural environment. Her arts practice explores our relationship to the environment through history, language and culture, as well as examining the effects on the ‘natural world’ on the choices we make. We choose to domesticate and cultivate vast areas of our landscapes, while keeping other patches as ‘natural’.


A recent body of work examines the issue of species vulnerability to extinction in Australia, through mask making and the performative act of mask-wearing. It gives a voice of sorts to at risk species. Layered images explore ideas of our complicity in their precarious situation and the complexity of changing outcomes.

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