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Movement at the Factory

Mike Hemmings, our resident photographer is moving onwards and upwards – up to the loft in the Old Butter Factory, where he will continue to exhibit his photography and build up his commercial practice.

Bruce Carter will be taking his place downstairs – another printmaker to join the fold. Bruce is relatively new to Denmark, a very keen artist currently studying Fine Art at the Great Southern Institute of Technology. He has a very innovative, experimental approach to the art of printmaking with some fresh ideas and wonderful work to show!

Nikki is heading off on a creative pilgrimage to connect with her cultural roots – through Turkey, Israel and New York. She will be away for the winter and back with new ideas, refreshed and inspired at the end of the year.

Barb Thayne, a renowned Denmark artist, will be exhibiting in the Factory over the next six months. A painter and printmaker, Barb’s illustrative and painterly style reflects a sense of time and place.


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